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Sign in help

Sign in with
@NSScouts.org or @T582.org
Signing in at this web site or at the private "Members" web site (Pack, Troop) requires your Office 365 credentials.
That means you need to know your "organization" email address, and the associated password.

Password Recovery Process

If you've forgotten your password, you can reset it on your own, using the Office 365 Password Reset process.
This self-service password recovery process uses an alternate email and/or mobile phone which was either set up on your account by an admin or later updated by you.
The process begins by entering your "organization" email address and completing an anti-bot puzzle. From here a reset code can be sent to either your alternate email or sent by text or voice to your mobile phone.

More Help Please

Should you need any type of assistance please contact Frank Long, or email helpdesk@nsscouts.org

Organization Email

This is the email address is provided to you when you join. It is also the "username" you'll use to sign in.
Your account should be in the form (firstname).(lastname)@(one of our domains), for example Freddy.Barnes@T582.org, or Linda.Barnes@NSScouts.org.

Personal Email

The personal email that you (or your parent) provided for communication. If we have a mobile number for you we have also added to your account so that it can also be used for password reset.