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Friends of Scouting

Friends of Scouting (FOS) is an annual fundraising campaign. It is an opportunity for Grandparents, Aunts and Uncles, families of past and current scouts, local businessmen and organizaitons and those blessed with extra resources to help support the Scouting program. These are the "Friends" of scouting. Donations go to the council (Supports Scouting over several counties) to support
  • Summer Camps and Day Camps
  • Camporees, activities, and events
  • Staffing
  • Insurance
  • Scout Shops
  • Service Centers
  • Materials and equipment
  • Training
  • Program materials
  • Property Maintenance
Without "FOS" the cost of sending a scout to camp could be beyond the modest means of those who need the experience the most.

Each year the unit sets a goal for this fundraising, which amounts to about $165 per scout family. This is not dues and is not required. But even families who do not have sufficient resources to contribute directly can help by asking their "Friends of Scouting" to contribute what they can. Invite a grandparent, aunt or close friend to visit this page and contribute on behalf of your scout. Even if you can afford to write a check for $165, don't forget to mention the opportunity to relatives and co-workers. It is a simple way to invest in the future of our youth.

If the troop meets its goal, the council graciously gives the unit rank and merit badge cloth patches for free for the year, in a troop as large as ours this is a substantial benefit.

Matching Contributions:
If you are making a donation to FOS and work for a company that matches charitable contributions please look for "Chief Seattle Council, BSA" and request a matching contribution. Or if you'd like the matching contribution to be used more locally, register our Non-Profit Sponsor "Concerned Northshore Parents for Scouting" and request the matching contribution be sent there.
To donate you may:
Send a check:
Made out to "Concerned Northshore Parents for Scouting". This is our non-profit sponsoring organization (Website). The treasurer will combine it with other FOS contributions and we'll send a lump sum to the council.
Contact our Treasurer Diana McFeters via email at Diana.McFeters [at] NSScouts.org
Please note on the check that it is for "Troop 582 FOS" (or Friends of Scouting)
Or Donate online:
NOTE For PAYPAL users: the PayPal form will indicate that you are making a payment to "Concerned Northshore Parents for Scouting".  As noted above this is our Non-Profit Sponsor, who will combine your payments with others and forward to the council.

Be a Friend of Scouting

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